American Horror Story (Hotel): Checking In Review

Originally posted on on Oct. 8, 2015


American Horror Story is one of those shows that is both predictable, and filled with surprises. Though that may be an oxymoron, it’s true. The past four seasons have been a roller-coaster of Ryan Murphy fever dreams and somehow we continue to tune in. Or in this case check in.

This season opens with two girls from Sweden checking into the Hotel Cortez. As soon as they enter something will go horribly wrong; perhaps the “Shining” patterned carpet gives it away. The lobby of the hotel is beautiful art deco, the epitome of a sketchy Los Angeles hotel (the Knickerbocker and Roosevelt). But to get to the good stuff, a dude straight up crawls out of their bed, and not as if he were laying in the bed, as in he was sewn inside of it and he crawled out. Naturally, they get a new room.

The thing with American Horror Story is that fans of the show are fans of the queen, Jessica Lange. Now that Lange won’t be returning this season, her successor is Lady Gaga, who turns out to be quite a talented actress (and jazz singer). But Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson seem to be competing with Gaga to become the new queen of AHS.

Denis O’Hare plays a bald drag queen named Liz Taylor (he’s such a wierdo). His role in the hotel is still not clear. Perhaps he’s just a resident, which seem to be the only occupants of Hotel Cortez. Also in the background of the scene where Wes Bentley enters the hotel, there was a knight/scuba diver with a long beard in the background. Did anyone else catch that?

Speaking of Wes Bentley, he and Matt Bomer are too similar looking to be in this show together. I’m not complaining it’s just that it would perhaps be too confusing for newcomers to the show.

After “Checking In” Murphy has established his world for the Hotel Cortez. Before the premiere, he and the cast have started that Hotel will be different from the other seasons. As far as I’m concerned, he was right.

Note: There was a lack of Evan Peters in this episode. Hopefully he makes an appearance next week.

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    My thoughts about the last night’s premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel was too intense for TV. Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates and the whole cast.


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