Welcome to Leith (2015) Review

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Leith, North Dakota is described as “B-roll from ‘The Walking Dead.’” But what happens in Leith is much worse than the arrival of the undead. “Welcome to Leith: opens with footage from an iPhone of white supremacists walking around their property with “some sexy guns.” Then there is a barrage of 911 calls all coming from the same place. Long story short: Leith, North Dakota will never be the same.

For background, Craig Cobb is a member of the “Creativity Movement,” which believes that Aryan whites are God itself. In 2013, Cobb moved to Leith with the intent of turning it into a white supremacist town. He was unsuccessful.

Usually, I try not to bring myself into my review. I’m sorry, I can’t write anymore on this subject. It’s too sad. As a minority I don’t think I will ever understand the logic behind white supremacy.

What happened in Leith is a dark chapter in American history that everyone should know about.

“Welcome to Leith” is not just a document of the people on both sides of the incident, it is a moment for teaching about tolerance. Even though Cobb and his followers are white supremacists, I am unable to do anything about it.

I have to take a break. This is a short review. I am sorry…

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