Modern Family: The Verdict Review

Originally posted on on Oct. 23, 2015


“The Verdict” is classic “Modern Family.” If you haven’t been following the show since the beginning – like me – then it’s not the best episode to start off with.

First off, this is one of the rare episodes of the show where all of the storylines are weak to a concerning level. Claire taking her grown daughters to work with her to just so they can see her fail was almost there, but it never reached for the stars at any point.

Jay going to Joe’s preschool to volunteer had me thinking about my middle school days where parents had to volunteer for parent hours. Good times. Gloria wanting to go to jury duty feels like it’s happened in a different episode but funnier. Her calling the judge “Your Excellency” was done in the Florida episode. But I digress.

Not much happening with Cam and Mitchell and company. Something about their friends breaking up and having to invite both of them to their party. That’s it.

Phil takes Manny and Luke to fulfill their community service by picking up trash. An old friend comes up to him that he doesn’t recognize and asks for some money. Phil being Phil, gives him some cash for a cab. It’s a good deed. But no good deed goes unpunished as the boys think that Phil has been scammed. Predictably, it was all genuine.

“Modern Family” is simply not going to break any more barriers. The actors have grown comfortable in their roles enough to where their performances cannot be critiqued and the writers are doing their best. See you next week.

Note: For the next two weeks, I will be off the “American Horror Story” beat to focus on a different project. I’ll be back the beginning of November.

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