American Horror Story (Hotel): Room Service Review

Originally posted on on Nov. 5, 2015

640Score: 8.0/10

Note: After a short stint working on other stories and projects, I am back on the beat. Expect weekly installations once more.

After three episodes of character introductions with little development, “AHS” has finally found its footing in “Room Service.”

Chloe Sevigny’s character has now turned into a vampire. This of course causes an entire maelstrom of shit and other bodily fluids when she uses her power of immortality to save a dying child’s life. This causes a huge domino effect throughout his school that creates even more vampire children and dead adults until there is S.W.A.T. and news covering the entire campus with yellow tape.

The thing with Ryan Murphy is that he has a thing with tragedies at school. Note the first season of “AHS” which featured a school shooting plot-line, still one of the most chilling sequences in the show’s history. Also in “Glee” a special needs student shoots a gun in school. This is noted because it happened only a few months after the Sandy Hook shooting and caused outrage. But then again, who really watched “Glee” in 2012?

Kathy Bates’ character is a lot sadder than is bearable. Even when a couple of hipsters walk into the hotel, she still finds a way to feel sorry for herself as opposed to simply killing them as soon as they walked into the lobby.

But Liz Taylor’s character has grown more than anyone else this season. It is quite tragic to know that she was an incredibly unhappy family man who sold medical technology to doctors back in the ‘80s. The Hotel Cortez was what awoken her as she looked for the first time at who she really is.

This is a good lead into The Countess, who has not developed much past this episode. But it becomes abundantly clear that her hotel is for the outcasts of society. There’s something beautiful about that.

Meanwhile with the detective, he’s been fired and ends up sleeping with Sarah Poulson. There was no more interest past that.

The cast is still too large for this show and its short run time.

Another Note: “Modern Family” is currently on hiatus and will return next Wednesday.

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