Modern Family: The More You Ignore Me Review

Originally posted on on Nov. 12, 2015


The end voiceover returns in the sixth installment to season seven of “Modern Family.” This trademark has been lacking in the past couple of seasons, and it serves to finish off the episode while simultaneously tying the theme down. With all that said, it feels like a desperate attempt to bring the show back some freshness that it still lacks.

The ducklings’ saga continues as Phil starts to feel inadequate as a result of the ducklings imprinting on Claire. I really do not understand why this is a storyline and I wish I cared enough to be angry about it. Taking the goofiness away from Phil just seems wrong and it shows in Ty Burell’s performance.

The writers continue their development of Luke as he joins the other Dunphy children and gets arrested. He is still unhappy with his lack of success with girls and chooses Manny as an example of how it’s just the gender against him. Here’s the thing, Manny is a terrible choice for Luke’s issues because Manny has always had success with the opposite sex. The reason? Manny’s an old soul and he understands the sense and sensibility of women which makes him a fine catch. But I digress.

The Andy/Haley story comes back, and it seems like it’s a true farewell for Dylan. Since its break, this plot has grown organically which is what the show needs right now. Though there are still concerns that this is happening too late into the show’s run.

Outside of the Dunphy clan, there isn’t much to talk about. Cam is once again butthurt over nobody liking the little piece of Missouri that he has brought with him. Jay is being honored by the Chamber of Commerce and is trying to make a video. Gloria is trying to remember how to make a salsa recipe. That’s about it.

On the other hand, Mitchell is going to start his own firm. Obviously the upstairs apartment will have to be his office and trying to find other lawyers to join him will bring some momentum. Perhaps he will go to bond court like Alicia in this season of “The Good Wife.”

What brought people towards “Modern Family” when it first premiered was its characters. In 2009, it seemed so edgy to have a gay couple and an older man married to feisty younger woman. But in the six short years since then, humanity has evolved to understand that the traditional family unit is no longer the only type of family. This evolution is what makes “Modern Family” feel so dated today.

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