Modern Family: Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House Review

Originally posted on on Nov. 19, 2015



After struggling to feel fresh for the past few episodes, “Modern Family” has finally gained some clarity in what the seventh season holds in store. Completely jumping over making a Thanksgiving episode, the show has instead decided to intertwine the branches of the clan towards a house that, by all intense and purposes, is damn sexy.

The Andy/Haley storyline comes to an exciting end of a chapter as Haley literally jumps into Andy’s arms and kisses him. The “will they/won’t they” is a conclusive “they will” as Dylan has made is final exit last week and now Andy has to find the cojones to tell his girlfriend that he wants to be with Haley. At least there will be some spice in this season with that going on.

Cam and Mitchell have been lagging this season and for them to have a bigger role this episode was much needed as their cattiness coupled with their tendency to judge people worked well when Luke enters with a few friends and beers.

Sexual trouble is sensed in Phil and Claire’s marriage as she feels that she is focusing too much on her work and not enough on Phil who has apparently finally connected with the ducklings.

The only branch of the family that lagged this week were the Pritchett-Delgados. Manny had, once again, a good-looking study partner but somehow Joe was a dog. There you go.

Next week, “Modern Family” will be breaking for Thanksgiving (as will I for this beat). Hopefully the Christmas spirit can bring more of what was experienced this week.

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