Modern Family: White Christmas Review

Originally posted on on Dec. 10, 2015

White Christmas10/10

I’m one of those people who love this time of year. There’s something about ornaments and platters upon platters of food that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (of course the warm cocktails sure play a part). As a result of my Holiday giddiness, I’m a sucker for Holiday themed television. When the Rankin & Bass specials take over ABC Family and the tweets about how Christmas has been commercialized begin taking over, I reach for a mug of wassail (eggnog is so mainstream) and turn on the latest mid-season finale. “Modern Family” just so happened to be on at that moment.

The clan was brought together for the mid-season finale to celebrate, as Gloria describes it, a “white Christmas” in a cabin in the woods. But what is assumed to be the white Christmas that Bing Crosby dreams about turns out to just be a good ole’ fashion Southern California Holiday complete with warm weather and wild fires. For those who are from Southern California, “first snow” is akin to one’s first kiss or first cigarette. It’s just a California thing.

Cam and Mitchell are still trying to find a way to break the notoriety of their last Christmas duet that was ruined by alcohol and have been practicing “Silent Night” since then for their return. Speaking of the Pritchett/Tucker branch, Lily is back! She’s been absent for so long that her hair has grown, but the sass is still there. The Luke/Lily feud of seasons’ past has found new footing in playful teasing. Luke tries to convince Lily that the cabin is haunted but of course Lily sees right through the ruse. Speaking of ghosts, “White Christmas” makes an odd reference to “The Shining” that most film geeks will notice with glee.

The Haley and Andy saga continues as Beth is finally taken out of the equation. The future of this plot is still up in the air due to Andy’s disdain in discovering that Beth too has been cheating on him with two other people. That’s all on that.

Jay has also announced that he will be retiring from the closet industry. But during a test of fealty for Clare, it is revealed that she finds the closet industry to be incredibly boring even though she believe that she is the best choice to take over the company. There isn’t much else on that front either.

In the end, “White Christmas” has found a way to recycle already stale tropes and make something fresh.

I’ll be back in January.

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