Transparent: New World Coming Review

Originally posted on on Dec. 19, 2015

New World Coming9.5/10

“Transparent” is not just a show, it is a piece of political activism. The opening frames of “New World Coming” has put three transgender characters in the same scene and it has portrayed their conversations as normal human ones. They are proud women who have found the courage to live their lives according to who they really are and then it smashes to the opening credits.

“New World Coming” reminds those who have followed the show since the first season that Maura was once a stuffy academic by the name of Mort. Maura is also reminded of her past as she finds a new struggle in facing what her sexual and physical desires are.

When she takes Alt to accompany her to meet her academic friends, they run into Leslie, a lesbian poet who is a member of the faculty. Maura discovers that they have a past from when Mort encapsulated the Reagan ‘80s when she was at Berkeley.

Meanwhile Sarah has begun to feel ostracized by the people at her children’s school, though this may just all be in her head. Amy Landecker has taken this role and made wonders with it. Her appearance at Len’s house to pick up her yoga mat was so haunting that it was borderline horror.

When she looks through Melanie’s bag and finds the eye shadow pallet, she slams it shut which creates a cloud that eventually stains the carpet. This has to be the funniest moment in the episode as Sarah summons her inner Larry David and scrambles to clean the stain before frantically running out.

At the school gala, she is confronted by Len about the stain and at this point Sarah should be renamed Sarah David because this was painfully hilarious.

Aly and Syd are together but this is far from a true love. Aly is only exploring herself as a woman and her gaze on Syd is simply the epiphany that she would be the easiest to sexually explore with. Eventually Aly is going to break Syd’s heart and when that happens I will not be prepared.

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